Hopes for Uganda

1280px-Flag_of_Uganda.svgToday, I will be flying from Edmonton en route to Uganda. This will be my second time on the African continent and a new chance to explore the world of development in depth. In Ghana, my biggest take-aways were adjusting to being a first time international traveler and doing development research projects. In Nicaragua, I focused all of my time and energy leading a team of other travelers.

This time, I will have the freedom to explore and to develop projects organically, based on what I find. I will be partnering with the Kigezi Health Foundation (KIHEFO) in Kabale, Southwestern Uganda. Some potential projects include local sources of nutrition and greater access to improved water, but these may change with time.

Some of my personal goals include:

  • growing my photography skills, so that I can share my experiences with people back at home;
  • improving mt writing, through regular blog posts here; and
  • becoming a better collaborator, by interviewing people and using their points of view in my work.

Stay tuned for more in-depth reports.

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