The Pitiful

I feel pity for the hateful. How sad must your life be to derive satisfaction from hating other people.

UX design and empathy: are we doing it right? | by Elizabeth Alli | UX  Collective

How pathetic must your god be to hide behind him when you hate homosexuals?

How little self-worth must you have to not be able to agree that black lives matter, unconditionally?

How heart-breaking must it be to be in a relationship with someone who see your gender as less than theirs? And then agree with their evaluation of your worthlessness!

As someone who tries to empathise with (or at least understand) the plight of others, I am starting to feel sad for those tortured souls who hate everything that they are not:

  • The whites who hate people of colour.
  • The straights (and closeted gays) who are homophobic.
  • The misogynistic men and women who are afraid to see women’s equality.
  • And new to 2020, the anti-maskers who won’t listen to public health concerns.

In recent years, videos abound of conservatives filled with rage spewing hateful words (and sometimes premeditated violence) on people who aren’t straight white men and overt Christians.

Spitting-mad Trump supporters are not going away -
What 2020 looked like.

I truly believe the first emotion we need to feel for these people is PITY. We should pity their inability to feel compassion to their neighbours and become most Christlike. We should pity their inability to love their own children who come out of the closet; they will ultimately regret their homophobia but internalize it. We should pity their fear of a woman or person of colour rising to any position of power.

How do we solve this problem? How do we make our fellow humans whole?

First, and foremost, by showing love to our fellow (broken) humans. We can’t solve hate through our own hate. We must show compassion.

We then need to listen to one another. I believe that all the hate felt by poor whites has more to do with their ‘poor-ness’ than their ‘white-ness’. The ruling class does not want the majority–white and black, men and women, straight and gay–to solve poverty in all it’s forms: economic poverty, housing poverty, healthcare poverty, educational poverty, etc. The ruling class want to divide and conquer; they have been doing an amazing job so far.

This isn’t about ‘identity politics’. It’s about power, especially economic and political power. Elites–politicians, capitalists–distract people by making issues about identity, so that we don’t see when they have their hands in our pockets. They want us to fight each other, so that we don’t fight together against THEM. Together, we are the most powerful thing there is and we can do anything. Apart, we will never reach our potential.

We must fight together, all people, towards liberty and justice for all.

LOCASH - “DARKNESS cannot drive out DARKNESS; only LIGHT... | Facebook

Solidarity forever.

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