Hate Speech Apologists (HSAs)

If you search YouTube for “SJW”, you’ll find a seemingly infinite number of videos with titles like:

  • “Comedian DESTROYS 3 SJWS with facts and logic”

SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior and is a pejorative term for someone who fights for the principles of human equality and solidarity. Online conservatives like to make videos and memes using BOLD titles and declarations of OWNING people with differing political views.

(Sidenote: If I were to point out that the verb “own” when used towards other people can mean both to metaphorical have a superior opinion, and to physically have a person as property (e.g. slavery), I would likely be called an SJW. Conservatives would say I’m just “pretending” to care about people of colour. However, that accusation would need to ignore the issue of racist dog whistles and the fact that people love flying the Confederate flag.)

What these Youtube videos are trying to do is invalidate Leftist arguments for human equality and solidarity, arguments like racial and gender equity, or LGBT rights. If these same people were around in the 1960s, they would be mocking MLK as a SJW, even though he literally was assassinated for fighting (warrior) for racial justice (social justice).

Where does this animosity come from?

Conservatives, especially straight white men, don’t like to be told that the world in unequal and that they might be part of the problem. They don’t want to entertain counterarguments against sexism and racism. Instead they like to attack leftists as SJWs.

What they’re really doing is shielding the powerful from accountability.

Conservatives like Ben Shapiro are notorious for supposedly “OWNING SJWs” and have a large fan base that are told that “facts don’t care about your feelings”. As if conservatives don’t appeal to emotions:

Ben likes to defend the powerful (Israel) and stereotype the oppressed (Palestinians).

Anti-SJW conservatives can be as emotional as leftists. Unlike SJWs who are angry at unfair systems, conservatives expel emotional anger when their privilege is challenged. When a conservative says something racist, or sexist, or homophobic, they don’t want to defend their opinion, they want to attack.

So, I’d like to give conservatives their own three-letter label: Hate Speech Apologists, or HSAs.

An apologist is someone who “offers an argument in defence of something controversial.” So, a HSA is someone who makes arguments in defence of hate speech. See: sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, etc.

Despite conservatives crying about censorship and the media limiting their free speech, they seem to have a lot of media platforms available. Even when Donald Trump was kicked off of Twitter for inciting an insurrection, he was always able to hold a press briefing at home, in the White House, but chose not to.

There are two types of Hate Speech Apologists: the professionals and the amateurs.

The professionals are found in government and in various forms of media — print, TV, and online. Sometimes, they’re both., like Boris Johnson who gets to be Prime Minister and a newspaper contributor at the same time, somehow.

Words have consequences, unless you’re a conservative.

Professional HSAs are allowed to spew hate because it distracts people from the monopolization of media that’s happening behind the curtain.

In 1950, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies. Now, it’s owned by 6!

These companies have censored leftist voices for decades. Whenever they support progressive causes, it’s because it’s good for business.

Fans of Ben Shapiro and Boris Johnston then become amateur HSAs. They counter-protest Black Lives Matter, saying that “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter” as if those are rebuttals. They make videos on YouTube that take discussions out of context so that they can “OWN” leftists.

Powerful people have always done this: silence their opponents. And one trick they often use is DARVO.

Conservatives DENY that their comments are racist or sexist. Then then ATTACK and shout about SJWs. Lastly, they REVERSE VICTIM and OFFENDER roles.

As we’ve seen with the recent conservative attacks on social media. Free market conservatives seem to really hate private business when it turns off their accounts. When they write hate speech, they deny that is was hateful, attack the platform, and claim to be the real victim.

Whenever two sides debate an issue, we need to question what their motives are. When one side is fighting for civil rights, while the other side is proudly waving a Confederate flag, I think we know which side has the stronger argument.

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