Time to Stop Handling Climate Change Deniers with Kid Gloves

“It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land.”

 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis, IPCC

Climate change is real.

And the climate crisis is upon us.

Still, many people deny the reality right in front of them. (The reasons for this denial are well documented.)

There is no longer time to give climate change deniers room to “debate” the facts. We must name and shame deniers as Enemies of Truth, as Enemies of Reality and, ultimately, as Enemies of Humanity.

There is no more time for their ignorance or outright malicious ambivalence.

ODI documents how communities across the world have suffered devastating extreme weather in the past year, from wildfires in Australia, the western United StatesTurkey and Greece to deadly floods in Germany and central Europe and China and super-cylones in India and Bangladesh and the Philippines. Deniers of the climate crisis are the enemy to all the people impacted.

The same climate deniers of today would have been the slavery apologists 200 years ago, who would have called for a “debate” to weigh the economic costs of allowing human beings to have the right to not be owned and treated like property. These uncaring people deserve to remain in the dustbin of history. They only should be remembered as not only being on the wrong side of history, but also against human decency and basic human rights.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme. And so, today, we fight the same type of injustice and immorality.

Again, it’s a battle on a global scale with devastating consequences for millions of people.

Again, it’s a problem that was created and defended by those who idolize money more than human lives.

Again, people of Western nations value their own self interests and marginalize those lives that will be hardest hit: people of color in developing nations.

And, again, the immoral rich and powerful refuse to act, as they never do anything moral until the people demand it from them.

The battle remains the same because the system remains the same. Despite 200 years of change, from revolutionary struggles for self governance to world wars against the spread of fascist ideology, the rich and powerful remain unaccountable for their greed and white supremacy. The continue to collude together despite the will of the people.

Billionaires are throwing their fortunes away on rocket ships and dreams about colonizing Mars. Why? Because they would rather run away from a literal burning planet rather than help the human beings left behind. They don’t care about you or me. The rich (and the political class that works for them) only care about themselves.

They’re greedy and they don’t care.

The next United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is just over two months away. It will be a defining moment in history — a moment where either the people regain control of this world, or continue to fall prey to the rich, powerful and uncaring lot of this world.

It’s time to take off the kid gloves. It’s time to put on some boxing gloves. Because we’re in for a fight. A fight for every human being on Earth and for those yet to come.

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