About Me


Hi, my name is Spencer. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

I first wrote a blog post back in 2012 while in Ghana. It turned into a travel blog, where I also wrote about my time in Nicaragua and Uganda.

These experiences set me on a course of fighting injustice and inequality. So, I now write about what I see and what I think. With each day, I try to look beyond the superficial, to look at all the parts of society that are rarely spoken about. Always asking questions, like:

How can I, as a straight white man, use my privilege to expose the reality of our homophobic, racist, sexist world?

How can those of us from the wealthy, hyper-consumer countries do more for our fellow human beings outside our borders and in our backyards?

How can I apply my education to making change?

These are some of the questions that keep me up at night and some of the questions I try to think through using this blog. I watch a lot of documentaries, so I write about those. I read nonfiction to learn about history and how it affects us today, so I’ll also write about some of the books that changed my thinking.

My words may not be the best but they’re mine. I hope that you enjoy reading them and write me some questions or comments from your own thoughts or experiences.

Apart from the serious stuff, I enjoy reading, playing board games, and going on hikes. I am a fan of simple exercise, so I run and do yoga. All my possessions now fit into a few pieces of luggage, so I’m ready for my next adventure.

A complete summary of my career and education details are available on my LinkedIn profile. Follow me on Twitter @SHuchulak.

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