Unfair Trade and Unconscious Consumerism

I was first introduced to the idea of fair trade while volunteering with Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB). Promoting fair trade products - coffee, teas, chocolate, bananas, and other commodities from the Global South - was a central platform for many EWB chapters across Canada. I even ended up helping with the weekly Fair Trade Friday … Continue reading Unfair Trade and Unconscious Consumerism

The Banality of Evil: Learning from the Horrors of the Past

Last week I watched The Look of Silence, a documentary film by Joshua Oppenheimer and a companion piece to his 2012 work The Act of Killing. Both films explore how the Indonesian military killed a million people - suspected communists and subversives - over the course of 1965-66 after it overthrew the government. The films … Continue reading The Banality of Evil: Learning from the Horrors of the Past

The Art of ‘Humble Inquiry’

Humble Inquiry, by Edgar H. Schein, documents the type of communication that should be applied to various personal and professional relationships. Along with building relationships, people need to start “asking questions to which they do not already know the answer”. In many instances, those with power and status are reluctant to broadcast their need for … Continue reading The Art of ‘Humble Inquiry’