Master of Arts, Poverty and Development

Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

From Disaster to Development: Assessing vulnerability and power in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake (1 September 2015) MA Dissertation

  • The purpose of this dissertation is to assess the causes of Haiti’s vulnerability to the 2010 earthquake and the international assistance that followed. The vulnerability found in Haiti today can be traced back to key events in its two hundred years of post-colonial history. This dissertation investigates the challenges of integrating humanitarian assistance with long-term development goals through cases of shelter and housing in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The influence of power in international disaster responses, including competing agendas and control of resources, is critical to explaining how actors operated following the earthquake.

Education in Conflict: The Case of South Sudan (14 May 2015) Poverty, Violence and Conflict module

  • This paper delves into the difficult challenge of accessing education during an ongoing civil war, as in South Sudan, a country with a long history of armed conflict and the world’s lowest educational performance.

Climate Change Mitigation and Development in Indonesia (14 May 2015) Climate Change and Development module

  • This paper explores two areas of carbon mitigation in Indonesia: large-scale deforestation and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.

Assessing Nutrition Policy in Uganda (14 May 2015) Poverty, Policy and Programmes: Issues in Social Policy module

  • This paper assesses Uganda’s national nutrition policy against the UNICEF framework of immediate, underlying and basic determinants of nutritional outcomes.

Can ‘slums’ be characterised as poverty ‘traps’? (12 January 2015) Poverty and Inequality module

  • This paper argues that informal settlements found in urban centers, often called ‘slums’, have the tendency to ‘trap’ it residents in a cycle of poverty, as a result of legal, political, social and economic inequalities.

The effect of Ethiopian safety net policies on food security in drought-prone agro-pastoral areas (7 January 2015) Poverty and Development: Disciplinary Perspectives module

  • After reviewing Ethiopia’s history of political change and returning famines, this paper examines whether national agriculture policies in recent decades can address the dual challenges of poverty and food insecurity.

Putting Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) on the Development Radar: Evidence from East Africa (7 January 2015) Ideas in Development module

  • This paper questions why MHM is largely missing from the international discussion on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as it relates to the intersections of gender equity and education.