Black Power and the Black Panthers

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party (BPP). Writing for Jacobin Magazine, Robert Greene II discusses the lasting relevance of the Black Panthers and their anti-racist, anti-capitalist vision: The work of the Black Panthers remains important for several reasons. First, they remind us that the problem of police brutality has long been with us (Martin … Continue reading Black Power and the Black Panthers

The Banality of Evil: Learning from the Horrors of the Past

Last week I watched The Look of Silence, a documentary film by Joshua Oppenheimer and a companion piece to his 2012 work The Act of Killing. Both films explore how the Indonesian military killed a million people - suspected communists and subversives - over the course of 1965-66 after it overthrew the government. The films … Continue reading The Banality of Evil: Learning from the Horrors of the Past

Rojo y Negro

"Red and Black" A common theme that fills the history books of developing countries is the role of outsiders in influencing policies, mostly political, but also economical. In the past, European countries - France, Belgium, Spain, England, Portugal, Germany - played a major role in determining how countries in the Americas, Africa, and Asia ruled themselves. … Continue reading Rojo y Negro