Don’t Listen to their Lies

Don't scab for the bossesDon't listen to their liesUs poor folks haven't got a chanceUnless we organize "Which Side Are You On?" by Florence Reece (1931) Why did police brutally murder 34 mine workers on 16 August 2012 in Marikana, South Africa? The 2012 Marikana massacre was the culmination of years of injustice brought upon … Continue reading Don’t Listen to their Lies

Who’s Infringing Upon Men’s Rights?

My target audience for this blog post is men. I share my thoughts and questions so that other men can question their role in society and how to create a better world. For far too long, women have spoken out. It's time for men to listen and act. As a white man, I live a … Continue reading Who’s Infringing Upon Men’s Rights?