“There’s no way to pay for it”: From WMDs to a GND

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attacks that killed 2,977 Americans. These attacks were carried out by 19 men—15 Saudi Arabians, two Emiratis, one Egyptian and one Lebanese—of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. In another seven days, we will mark the 20th anniversary of the US government’s response: the Authorization for Use of … Continue reading “There’s no way to pay for it”: From WMDs to a GND

The Four Horsemen Rest Within the Security Council

The United Nations and its Security Council were formed at the end of World War II. The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, also known as the Permanent Five or P5, include the following five governments: China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These five nations have endowed themselves with protecting … Continue reading The Four Horsemen Rest Within the Security Council

A World That Neglects Refugees

There are more than 15 million refugees around the world. 15 million people who have been forced to leave their home country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. An additional 38 million people are also escaping their home but remain "internally displaced," resettling or moving inside their country's borders. In addition to the rising … Continue reading A World That Neglects Refugees

Bringing Hell to Syria

More than 400,000 deaths. Four million refugees plus 7.6 million Syrians displaced within their country. Widespread bombardment of cultural heritage sites and urban centers. These are some of the costs of the war in Syria. A war that has now waged for over five years and doesn't appear to be stopping. The human cost is tremendous. And the causes are many. In the … Continue reading Bringing Hell to Syria