Masculinity Unmasked

Masculinity is defined as the possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men. But, what type of men? In the documentary The Mask You Live In, director Jennifer Siebel Newsom explores the masculine qualities found in the United States today, asking the viewer to question the harm they are causing to boys. (The film is available online; … Continue reading Masculinity Unmasked

Bringing Hell to Syria

More than 400,000 deaths. Four million refugees plus 7.6 million Syrians displaced within their country. Widespread bombardment of cultural heritage sites and urban centers. These are some of the costs of the war in Syria. A war that has now waged for over five years and doesn't appear to be stopping. The human cost is tremendous. And the causes are many. In the … Continue reading Bringing Hell to Syria

“Take Our Country Back”: The Clarion Call of Western Xenophobia

In the past weeks, there have been two major political announcements in the Anglophone world. The first was the United Kingdom (UK) referendum vote on June 23 to leave the European Union (EU), referred to as "Brexit". The second bit of news was the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for President of the … Continue reading “Take Our Country Back”: The Clarion Call of Western Xenophobia

Cultures of Sexual Violence

Violence against women and girls is a global pandemic. Between 15 and 76 percent of women are targeted for physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime, according to the available country data. Most of this violence takes place within intimate relationships, with many women (ranging from 9 to 70 percent) reporting their husbands or partners as … Continue reading Cultures of Sexual Violence